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Aluminum ForgingsAluminum ForgingsAluminum ForgingsAluminum Forgings
Aluminum ForgingsAluminum ForgingsAluminum ForgingsAluminum Forgings
Established in 1989 located about 150 Kms from Mumbai, Aress High Duty Forgings is one of the leading manufacturers of closed die aluminum forging components in high strength alloys. We are a forging company which also specializes in manufacturing high conductivity Copper forgings, brass forgings and alloy steel forgings on Drop Hammers and Fiction Screw Presses.
Solutions in Action
die forged Die Forged Aluminum Forgings Aluminum Forgings
Drop Forging Drop Forging Hot Press Hot Press
Copper & Brass Forging Copper & Brass Forging    
Aluminum Forgings
India Forging
Aluminum Forgings - Technology
Aluminum Forgings are predominantly used in the automobile, electrical and pneumatic tools industry. Also aluminum components such as surgical tools, garden implements and even Golf Club heads are almost always produced through aluminum forging.

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What is Forging?
Aluminum Forgings - What is Forging
Forging is a manufacturing process where metal is pressed, pounded or squeezed under great pressure into high strength parts known as forgings. This is usually done by heating the metal, but some forgings are produced without heating.

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Aress High Duty Forgings
1st Floor, Shivneri Apartments,
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Phone : +91 253 2310221 / 2310275
Aluminum Forgings
Recent News
Aress High Duty Forgings Private Limited has obtained the prestigious ISO/TS 16949 certificate of compliance granted by TÜV Rheinland. Achieving this TÜV Rheinland certification involves a thorough review of the standards and relevant customer specific requirements. Huge competition in the market requires continued care for the quality and this certification is an objective proof for our quality and manufacturing standards, which sets us apart from the competition.
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