Industries Served

Aress High Duty Forgings Pvt. Ltd. is devoted to creating precision aluminum forging products. With our niche industry experience, we proudly serve customers in industries across the entire economic spectrum. We are experienced in service delivery to the following industries

Switchgear Industry

Switch gear manufacturers in low, medium and high voltage range covering products like High Conductivity and Electrolytic Copper Forgings, Medium and High Strength Aluminium Alloy Forgings. In this field, apart from others we regularly supply to ABB establishments in India.

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Industry

Reciprocating type Gas Compressors for Airconditioning and Refrigeration Industry. Products supplied to licensees of the carrier and their own Indian subsidiaries.

Construction and Mining Tool Industry

We supply in both Alloy Steel as well as Aluminium Alloy to various companies such as Chicago Pneumatic India.

Engine Industry

We also manufacture Forgings in both Alloy Steel and Aluminium Alloys like 7075 & DTD 5024 for Defense Equipments, Diesel Engines and other applications.

Two and Four Wheeler Industry

Two and Four wheeler Aluminium Alloy forgings such as Under Brackets, Kick Starters, Crown Forks etc., are also manufactured by us for the Automobile Industry.

Power Tools Industry

Power tools have long been convenient resources for various industries, aiding workers from all sorts of disciplines.

Aerospace Industry

The Aerospace Industry as it stands today supplies five basic markets: military aircraft, missiles, space, commercial airliners, and general aviation.

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Aress High Duty Forgings

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